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Silver   •   Flatware

Beautifully engraved with a central waterscape within a diaperwork ground, this elegant spade or trowel server is only marked PATENTED and COIN. Fine condition, with crisp brite-cut engraving. An identical example, but for the engraving, has been published by Osterberg (1994), where it is described as a pie knife although... (more)   American. c. 1855. 8 3/4" L.
Price: $595.00

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Fine Georgian Sterling Silver Strainer Spoon
Old English pattern, the diviider with decorative piercings; marked for London, 1796, Samuel Godbehere and Edward Wigan, goldsmiths. The spoon bears the contemporary crest of a portcullis, used by about a dozen families including Beaufort, Bell, Ryland and Somerset.
The marks are exceptionally clear, with detail in the lion's face... (more)   England. 1796. 11 7/8" L.
Price: $775.00

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Fine Set of Eight Coin Silver King's Pattern Forks
Double struck and heavy, by Bard and Lamont of Philadelphia (1841-45), very lightly and almost invisibly monogrammed LAB in script.
This is a lovely set with hardly any wear. The monogram is not worn; it was just lightly engraved.
  America. 1841-45. 7 1/2" L. 18 oz.
The square flat blade with chamfered corners engraved with the design of a bird among blossoming branches, the handle with a butterfly among flowers. Marked for Wm. B. Durgin Co. Though probably originally meant as a waffle server, this elegant item has many possible uses.

Slight edge deformation.

  American. c. 1870. 8 1/8" L.
Price: $395.00

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Pair Tiffany Sterling Silver Master Salt Spoons
In a variation on the Feather Edge or Faneuil Engraved patterns, with additional engraving. Unmonogrammed and in fine condition.
.   America. c. 1890. 3 1/2" L.
Royal Danish Pattern Flatware Service For Six
With five-piece settings in place size, and seven serving pieces; unmonogrammed. Boxed. Fine condition.
  america. c. 1950. Dinner Fork 7 1/4"L.
Set of Twelve Russian Silver and Niello Coffee Spoons
Each with 84 standard mark and St. Petersburg hallmark.
In original case.   Russia. 1864. 4 1/2"
Steiff Rose Sterling Flatware Service
A 78 piece service for twelve in Luncheon size or Place size .Serving pieces. Itemization on request.
Includes quality box.   America. c.1950. Fork; 6 7/8"L.
Tiffany Sterling Silver Flatware Service For Twelve
In Clinton Engraved pattern; an extensive service with serving pieces (examples below); initialed R. Boxed.

Details on request.   America. c. 1920.
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