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Silver   •   Accessories

American Sterling Silver Inkstand by Gorham
with two hinge lid inkpots flanking a fixed pen wipe, the stand with repousse scrollwork overall, date coded for 1880, the well matched glass and sikver inkpots date coded for 1895.
The inkweels fit depressions in the stand, and aresuch a good fit that they appear to ahve been made just... (more)   America. 1880, 1895. 12" L.
Chinese Silver Shoe
Formed as an example of traditional women's footware, with simulated embroidery. Marked on the base with a Chinese stamp or "chop".   China. 19th century.
Pre-Revolutionary Russian Niello Decorated Silver Tobacco Box
The lid with a townscape, and the bottom with geometric decorastion; hallmarked for Moscow 1875, silversmith Vasily Popov.   Russia. 1875. 3 1/2" x 2" x 1 1/4"
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